Revised: 03/12/2021


Recharge Fee Calculation Form


  • This form template is meant to provide you with a starting point to calculate your fee costs.  Feel free to modify it to document the details of your calculation, if warranted.
  • An instruction sheet is included on the tab marked "Instructions".
  • It is the responsibility of Fee Originators to ensure that all formulas and figures are accurate before submitting cost support documentation with fee proposals.
  • Labor costs can be calculated on an Annual or Monthly basis.  Be sure to accurately label which basis you are using and ensure that all other costs are calculated on the same basis.
  • When calculating labor costs determine how many hours or minutes per month the employee spends working on the activity.  Next, calculate the percentage of effort by dividing the hours/minutes worked by total productive hours/minutes of 130 hours or 7,800 minutes, respectively for most positions. When calculating the percentage of effort for Graduate Assistants, use 160 hours or 9,600 minutes.