Effective: 06/30/2008


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Proposal for Use of e-Signature


Requesting Unit: ______________________________________________________________

Electronic Transaction Description: _______________________________________________

Attach results of e-Authentication Risk and Requirements Assessment (eRA reports) for specific transaction(s).

Application Detail Report Issues Report
Application Information Report Risk Analysis Report
Application Risk Tolerance Criteria Report Transaction Level Summary Report
Transaction Summary Report User Role Level Summary Report
Risk Identification Report  


Describe electronic authentication method for this transaction:

Describe how the electronic authentication method meets the risks of the Potential Impact/Assurance identified:

Describe any data integrity, audit, or archive requirements for this transaction, and how they will be met:

Describe any security or access control requirements, and how they will be met:

OSU Unit Proposer Signature & Date: _________________________________________________

OSU Records Custodian Remarks (approved/disapproved)

OSU Records Custodian Signature & Date: _____________________________________________

OSU Legal Council Signature & Date (if required/requested): ______________________________

OSU CISO or IT Representative Signature & Date: ______________________________________