Effective: 05/01/2009


Course Fee Calculation Guidance

Allowable Costs (equipment, materials, or ancillary services consumed by the student as a part of course instruction where the equipment or material is not readily available for purchase through the bookstore or other external source):

  • Chemicals (including reagents, standards, and solutions) used by the student in class during a course experiment
  • Sheet music which the student retains at the end of the course
  • Student related field trip costs (meals, lodging, and transportation)
  • Art materials used in class (gloves, mineral spirits, soap, tape, cleaning rags, and paint/medium)
  • Plotter paper, ink - not available through OSU Bookstore & used by the student during class
  • Musical instrument retained by student
  • Stethoscopes or blood pressure cuffs retained by student
  • Cleaning supplies consumed by students doing required assignments
  • Disposable gloves, disposable glassware (pipetttes, cuvettes)
  • Test papers, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, cups, marking pens, labels, cotton, glasswool, batteries, weigh boats, vials, filters, sponges, and soaps
  • Chromatography plates and resins
  • Commercial test products
  • Hazardous waste collection

Unallowable Costs (institution owned equipment, specimens, software licenses or other microcomputer application charges for goods or services):

  • Expenses (air travel, mileage reimbursement, meals, hotel, etc.) or fees for guest speaker or instructor
  • Course packets which can be sold through OSU Bookstore
  • Photo enlargements, copies, construction paper, colored pencils, PVC pipe,  or clay readily available through external sources
  • Printing or paper expenses for course syllabus, tests/exams, and/or required assignments
  • Maintenance and replacement parts of scientific equipment or instrumentation or appliances used to clean, store and prepare chemicals for student use.
  • Maintenance for key locks on student equipment lockers
  • Blue Books, binders, folders, or sheet protectors