Effective: October 25, 2013

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Paying Wages to a Non-resident Alien





Street______________________________ State_______________ Zip___________     

Home Telephone: ______________________ Cell Phone: ____________________

E-mail Address: _______________________________________________________

Date (s) of Employment: ________________________________________________


Please complete the following information:

  • Non-Resident Alien completes form CO-NRA (available online at
    https://oscar.oregonstate.edu/Resources/SubNav.aspx?NavPage=2&submenu=T2 )
  • If F-1 student , make a copy of I-20
  • If J-1 Scholar, make copy of DS 2019
  • Make a copy of I-94 (Front and back)
  • Non-Resident Alien completes form I-9
  • Non-Resident alien must complete W-4 (required even if taking treaty benefit)
  • If non-resident aliens wish to claim a tax treaty, form 8233 must be completed along with an attached letter.


Pay Check for Non-Resident Alien