Date Section Summary of Change
05 415 Relocation and Moving  Added info re: all moving tax reportable
17 003-10 Recharge Fee Calculation Form  Added GA times


Date Section Summary of Change
23 408-02 Car Rentals  Removed content - marked vacant
 23 408-03 Travel Agencies - airfare  Removed content - marked vacant


Date Section Summary of Change
16 003-02 Account Codes  40111 updated title & definition
30 003-02 Account Codes  Revised titles & definitions of 15 "IT" codes
30 003-02 Account Codes  Noted termination date of 7/1/2018 on 18 "IT" codes


Date Section Summary of Change
04 410-04 Flower Purchases  Changed OSU Catering to UHDS
12 003-02 Account Codes  Removed equipment from title & description of 20210
12 513 Accounting for Agency Funds  Removed wording for required TIN
23 408-04 OSU Bookstore  Marked as vacant - no longer auto pay vendor
27 1107 Journal Vouchers  Updated & incorporated various sections


Date Section Summary of Change
08 003-22 Business Center - JV Rule Code Matrix  4xxxx should all go to 3JV1
23 002 Definitions  Added M&IE definition


Date Section Summary of Change
28 002 Definitions  Added exchange transactions
28 003-02 Account Codes   Modified 24612 and 28613


Date Section Summary of Change
01 03-120-404 Relocation Allowance Replaces FIS 415 Relocation and Moving.  Reformatted to new structure and revised as a relocation allowance, rather than a reimbursement.  Due to recent tax law changes, all payments related to moving and relocation are now 100% tax reportable as supplemental wages to employees and subject to income tax withholding.
01 03-140-206 Procurement Cards Replaces FIS 408-01 Procurement Cards.  Reformatted to new structure with revisions to options for all procurement cards, including PCards, Travel & Expense Cards and Group Travel Cards.
01 03-140-503 Memberships, Dues and Subscriptions Replaces FIS 410-06 Memberships/Dues and FIS 410-14 Subscriptions.  Reformatted to new structure with minor revisions.
09 406-13 Vendor Maintenance  Updated to match current business practice
27 003-02 Account Codes   Added 20230


Date Section Summary of Change
31 03-140-207 Corporate Travel and Entertainment Card Previously FIS 407-04.  Archived.