Date Fiscal Policy/Rule Summary of Revision
01/05/21 PRO - EX16: OSU Fabricated Equipment Unit Pre-Approval Updated form.
01/05/21 03-140-401 Travel Minor revision to add link to mileage chart.
01/11/21 03-110-206 Parking Permits & Fines Full review & update - Replaces FIS 101-02 Parking Fines & FIS 205 Parking Permits & FIS 410-20 Payment of Fines.  Updates guidelines to align with Transportation Services policies.
02/01/21 PRO - EX16: OSU Fabricated Equipment Unit Pre-Approval Updated form.
03/12/21 03-100-003 Exhibits: Ex003-10 Recharge Fee Calculation Form  Updated form.
03/12/21 Ex003-02 Account Codes Added 3 new account codes:  10894 Pension Expense, 20167 Employee Emergency Relief (Non-Taxable) and A5404 Undistributed Anthony's Travel.
03/12/21 Ex003-23 Large Payment Authorization Updated forms for payments over $1 million and over $5 million.
03/12/21 03-150-111 Journal Vouchers Updated link to OSRAA Policies identified in the "Processing Rules" section.
03/15/21 03-140-401 Travel Minor revision related to travel reimbursements for non-employees (section 3.9.1.c) and related FAQs.
03/29/21 Ex003-30 Transfer Account Code Flowchart Updated flowchart.
04/1/21 03-140-501 Communication Services Updated email address where form should be sent.
04/22/21 03-100-201 FAQs Updated FAQs for Commencement Events, Employee Recognition & Misc Expenses
04/30/21 03-140-507 Employee Recognition Full review & update - Replaces FIS 410-08 Employee Recognition.  Revised to ensure compliance with all governing IRS requirements.
04/30/21 03-140-513 Miscellaneous Expenses Full review & update - Replaces FIS 410-04 Flower Purchases & FIS 410-10 Royalties & FIS 410-23 Testing Incentives & FIS 410-28 Greeting Cards & FIS 410-31 Utilities for Short Term Field Crew Housing.  Updated to provide clarification related to expenses that have specific requirements/restrictions not identified in other policies, including personal items that cannot be purchased with university funds.
04/30/21 03-110-207 Trade-In of Equipment Full review & update - Replaces FIS 406-01 Trade-Ins & PRO 209 Trade Acquisitions & PRO 803 Trade Disposals.  Revised to align with current practices & provide clear guidelines.
05/06/21 03-110-207 Trade-In of Equipment Updated link to fiscal policy for Surplus Property Sales.
06/21/21 03-140-401 Travel Full review & update - Replace all old policies related to travel.  Revised to align with new travel system.
08/31/21 03-110-202 Non-Student Accounts Receivable Full review & update - Replaces FIS 301 & 306 Non-Student Receivables.  Revised to provide standard guidelines for billing and collection of non-student and/or non-grant receivables associated with university business.
08/31/21 03-160-211 Vehicles and Vessels Full review & update - Replace PRO 501 Vehicles.  Revised to provide guidelines for capitalization of all expenses related to licensed vehicles and vessels.
09/27/21 03-110-201 Record Keeping Minor Revision - Section previously related to FIS 102-01 Deposit Slips, Timing Account Codes has been updated to provide clearer guidelines for how checks are processed.
09/27/21 03-140-206 University Credit Cards Minor Revision - Renamed (previously Procurement Cards) and updated to align with the new travel system (Concur), which is now used for all credit card requests and expenses processed at OSU.  University credit cards include department cards, travel and expense cards and student group cards


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