Date Fiscal Policy/Rule Summary of Revision
01/10/22 03-140-507 Employee Recognition Policy revised to eliminate funding source restrictions, allowing use of E&G funds.
01/31/22 03-120-205 Retroactive Pay New policy that provides guidelines related to delayed payments for employee salary increases and various other types of compensation.
01/31/22 03-140-513 Miscellaneous Expenses Policy revised to add guidelines for Royalties and Testing Incentives.
01/31/22 03-140-202 Personal Reimbursements Policy revised to include guidelines for cash advances.
03-100-021 Committee Charter,
03-100-022 Coordinator Assignment,
03-100-023 Roles & Responsibilities,
03-100-024 Process Categories,
03-100-025 Process Flow Chart,
03-100-026 Communication Plan &
03-100-098 Status Report Guide
Fiscal Policy Program Guidelines updated.
03-100-101 Fiscal Policy Philosophy, 
03-100-106 Editorial Guidelines, 
03-100-111 Fiscal Policy Requests,
03-100-113 Fiscal Policy Review/Approval,
03-100-114 Fiscal Policy Implementation &
03-100-116 Fiscal Policy Interpretations
Fiscal Policy Program Procedures created or updated.
02/17/22 03-150-209 University Student Organizations Minor revision to update links.
02/17/22 03-140-401 Travel Minor revision to update per diem link.
03/30/22 03-150-418 Vehicles and Vessels Minor revision to update information related to title/registration.
04/22/22 PRO - EX5: Property Distribution Request Form (PDR) Updated PDR form.
06/15/22 03-140-512 Gift Cards or Certificates Full review and update - Replaces FIS 410-27 Gift Cards or Certificates, revised to provide clear guidelines and restrictions related to purchasing gift cards or certificates and define the differences between physical/plastic cards and virtual/e-gift cards.
07/01/22 03-150-106 Interest Earnings

Full review and update - Replaces the old FIS 200 & 201, centralizing the distribution of interest earnings for all funds except those that have legal and contractual requirements to earn interest, those set aside specifically for building and capital equipment renewal, and the Mxxxxx gift funds.

07/01/22 03-150-208 Gift Funds Policy revised to update guidelines on how gift from donors must be accepted, processed, recorded and acknowledged.  Additional links to related information have also been added to this policy.
07/01/22 03-110-104 Outside Scholarships Policy revised to remove section on National Merit Scholarships, as it is a program that OSU no longer participates in.
07/01/22 Ex003-02 Account Codes Updated/created all account codes related to leases.
07/12/22 Ex003-02 Account Codes Updated account codes related to cash advances.
07/12/22 03-140-501 Communication Services Minor revision to update link for Communication Allowance Form.
09/01/22 03-100-101 Fiscal Policy Philosophy Revised to align with updated DFA Guiding Principles.
09/01/22 03-120-204 Graduate Student Employee Compensation Policy revised to update payroll process for distributing tuition remission.
09/01/22 03-140-513 Miscellaneous Expenses Policy revised to remove sunscreen & bug spray from list of personal items, since these are frequently used for field work.
09/01/22 Ex003-02 Account Codes Updated account code 20108 Subscriptions.
10/25/22 03-140-206 University Credit Cards Policy revised to remove all references to department cards, as these will no longer be issued.
10/25/22 03-140-401 Travel Policy revised to clarify guidelines for pre-trip registration and provide additional requirements/restrictions for lodging booked through online platforms to mitigate the risks associated with vacation rentals (such as AirBnB and VRBO).
11/8/22 Ex003-02 Account Codes Updated/created several account codes. 
11/8/22 03-140-509 Participant Support Policy archived and replaced by Research Office policy.