Date Fiscal Policy/Rule Summary of Revision
01/10/22 03-140-507 Employee Recognition Policy revised to eliminate funding source restrictions, allowing use of E&G funds.
01/31/22 03-120-205 Retroactive Pay New policy that provides guidelines related to delayed payments for employee salary increases and various other types of compensation.
01/31/22 03-140-513 Miscellaneous Expenses Policy revised to add guidelines for Royalties and Testing Incentives.
01/31/22 03-140-202 Personal Reimbursements Policy revised to include guidelines for cash advances.
03-100-021 Committee Charter,
03-100-022 Coordinator Assignment,
03-100-023 Roles & Responsibilities,
03-100-024 Process Categories,
03-100-025 Process Flow Chart,
03-100-026 Communication Plan &
03-100-098 Status Report Guide
Fiscal Policy Program Guidelines updated.
03-100-101 Fiscal Policy Philosophy, 
03-100-106 Editorial Guidelines, 
03-100-111 Fiscal Policy Requests,
03-100-113 Fiscal Policy Review/Approval,
03-100-114 Fiscal Policy Implementation &
03-100-116 Fiscal Policy Interpretations
Fiscal Policy Program Procedures created or updated.
02/17/22 03-150-209 University Student Organizations Minor revision to update links.
02/17/22 03-140-401 Travel Minor revision to update per diem link.
03/30/22 03-150-418 Vehicles and Vessels Minor revision to update information related to title/registration.
04/22/22 PRO - EX5: Property Distribution Request Form (PDR) Updated PDR form.