Date Fiscal Policy/Rule Summary of Revision
02/01/23 03-140-513 Miscellaneous Expenses Policy revised to to allow flowers to be purchased with university funds for use at event banquets or receptions, removing restriction to only allow for University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS).
02/01/23 03-150-102 Lease Reporting 

Policy revised to comply with GASB87 (requiring that all qualifying leases are capitalized and referred to as either “lessee” or “lessor” leases, rather than “operating” or “capital” leases) and provide clear guidelines for valuing, accounting for and reporting lease agreements and transactions.

02/24/23 Exhibits for Asset Accounting Converted all of the PRO Exhibits into the fiscal policy manual
02/24/23 03-100-199 Manual Revision Record Relocated the PRO Manual Revision Record (MRR) into the fiscal policy MRR.
02/24/23 03-150-417 Equipment Loans Relocated policy content to a new policy, separate from Use & Maintenance of Equipment.
03/07/23 03-150-415 Vehicles and Vessels  Policy revised to provide updated information about title and registration requirements.  Titles for vehicles and trailers now managed by the Motor Pool and titles for vessels managed by PCMM.
03/13/2023 03-140-401 Travel Policy revised to add TSA PreCheck to the list of Non-Reimbursable Expenses.
03/13/2023 Exhibit 003-04 Fixed Asset Type Codes Exhibit updated & Definitions added/revised for Infrastructure, IOTB & Land Improvements.
03/13/23 Exhibit 003-31 DMV Registration Exhibit updated with revised form & a minor correction to the Vehicles and Vessels policy
03/13/23 Exhibit 402-16 OSU Fabricated Equipment Unit Preapproval Exhibit updated to correct links to old PRO policy resources.
03/14/23 Exhibit 003-02 Account Codes Exhibit updated for new/revised accounts related to GASB96-SBITA & Risk Management Claims Reimbursement.
04/10/23 03-110-209 Refundable Deposits Deleted & replaced by a definition.
04/10/23 03-150-202 Agency Funds Policy revised to include information previously in 03-110-210 Attendee Event Payments
06/01/23 03-140-206 University Credit Cards Policy revised to update training & cardholder responsibilities.
06/01/23 03-140-401 Travel Policy revised to update requirements for travel paid by third party sources.  
06/01/23 03-140-505 Meals, Refreshments and Events Policy revised to update non-taxable requirements for employee meals.
06/01/23 03-150-302 Agricultural Research Foundation Full review and update - Replaces old FIS 509.
06/20/23 Exhibit 003-04 Fixed Asset Type Codes Exhibit updated to revise definitions for IOTBs.
06/20/23 Exhibit 003-13 Account Code Restrictions Exhibit updated correct links for current fiscal policy manual.
06/22/23 03-150-901 Accounting Codes Exhibit updated to correct links for current fiscal policy manual.
09/29/23 03-150-209 Recognized Student Organizations Policy revised to update title and clarify relationship between OSU & student clubs and related responsibilities.  
10/02/23 03-140-206 University Credit Cards Minor revision to policy to fix broken links.
10/02/23 03-140-401 Travel Policy revised to provide clarification about expenses for family of official guests & additional fees associated with air travel.
11/20/23 03-110-207 Surplus Property Sales Minor revision to update links.
11/20/23 03-150-901 FOAPAL Elements Minor revision to change policy title.
11/20/23 Exhibit 003-02 Account Codes Exhibit updated to add new account #24103 & edit #20202.
11/20/23 03-140-503 Memberships, Dues & Subscriptions Policy updated under 5-year periodic review, with an revision related to DEI and minor formatting changes.