Property Management Policy & Procedure Manual
Section: Manual Revision Record
Effective: 05/27/2003


Date Policy Summary of Change
5/22/2006 PRO 002
Updated several definitions.
Account Codes
Added information on account codes 23514: IT Hardware Maintenance Contracts (tax reportable) and 20204: Other IT-related Peripherals.
PRO 207
Added information on Booking Gifts as Revenue and web link to new OUS policy on this topic.
PRO 210
Added NOTE in Procedure section.
PRO 211
Updated Option 2 in Procedure section.
PRO 301
Receiving Equipment
Updated Procedure section.
PRO 303
Use & Maintenance
Added information on maintenance and non-use of equipment.
PRO 305
Added PRO 305 to manual.
PRO 808
Updated policy section to reflect 501-C requirement
PRO 902-02
PI Responsibilities - Ordering, Receiving & Tagging
Updated the policy section regarding the documentation of the receiving process.
PRO 902-03
Use, Maintenance & Storage
Added "Use" and "Storage" to title and information on these subjects.
PRO 903
Reporting and Inventories
Deleted outdated information (4th bullet point).
PRO 904-01
Contract Close-out – Accountable Equipment
Updated Procedures section and added 2nd paragraph to Example: A Release.