Property Management Policy & Procedure Manual
Section: Manual Revision Record
Effective: 05/27/2003


Date Policy Summary of Change
9/10/2007 PRO 001
Changed verbiage from Property Management to Inventory Control. Also, updated link to Inventory Control web site.
Fixed Asset Data Entry (FADE) Form
Updated links to bullet 2, 8, 9, 14, 22, and 23.
Fixed Asset Transfer Form
Updated link in number 5 for Location Code.
Fixed Assets Data Structure
Updated links to Banner Code: Organization Code and Code Prefixes under Fixed Assets Procurements Information (Page 3 of 6).
PRO 210
Updated link under Procedure #1 for Fabricated Equipment Pre-Approval Form.
PRO 301
Receiving Equipment
Updated link to FADE forms.
PRO 501
Updated title and link to Procurement and Contract Services web site.

Updated link to DMV web site.

PRO 701-03
Loaned Equipment - To OSU
Changed verbiage from Property Management web site to Inventory Control web site.
PRO 702
Leased Equipment
Changed verbiage from Property Management web site to Inventory Control web site.
PRO 802
Stolen Equipment
Changed verbiage and added link to Property Disposition Request form.
PRO 805-01
Transfer/Sale of Equipment Between OSU Departments

Updated links to Fixed Asset Transfer form.

Entire manual Updated link to Inventory Control web site and Property Disposition Request form.
5/24/2007 PRO 801 Updated phone number for OSU Risk Management Office to (541) 737-7252.
5/24/2007 PRO 701-01 Added the borrower may be held financially responsible for any perils not covered by the State Insurance Fund, or for any loss or damage due to the negligence of the borrower.
5/24/2007 PRO 304 Updated time frame of when losses should be reported and added phone number.  Changed term “superiors” to “supervisors” and “Legal Authorities” to “Law Enforcement.”
5/22/2007 PRO-Ex6A Updated sample in Intra-Department Loan Agreement.
1/30/2007 PRO 207
Changed term "value of the gift" to "fair market value (FMV) of the gift" and updated the length of time to retain gift equipment from 2 to 3 years per IRS updated policy.
1/08/2007 PRO 201
Equipment Acquisition

Updated and expanded policy.

PRO 210

Updated and expanded policy.