Policy Updates

The following fiscal policies have been updated and posted on the Fiscal Policy Program website.  Please contact the Fiscal Policy Coordinator for your Unit or the Policy Steward listed on each policy with any questions.

There are no recent policy updates.


Policy Under Review

In accordance with the fiscal policy program, the Fiscal Policy Committee is soliciting your feedback on the following policy drafts.  We also appreciate any recommendations on related FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), including any additional questions that we should create an FAQ for.

Your feedback is valued and will be taken into consideration as each policy is finalized.  Please email your feedback to fiscal.policy@oregonstate.edu no later than Friday, May 27th.  Thank you!


This policy is being updated to provide clear guidelines related to accepting, processing, recording and acknowledging gifts that OSU receives, including any donations processed through the OSU Foundation or Ag Research Foundation.  The policy also identifies the various types of gifts and related gift funds.


Need a new or revised fiscal policy?

1) Contact the Fiscal Policy COORDINATOR for your Business Center or Unit

2) Work with your Coordinator to complete & submit the Fiscal Policy REQUEST Form

3) Monitor the STATUS of your request or any activity of a fiscal policy or rule