All foreign travel must be budgeted in the grant to be charged. If not budgeted, contact the agency for permission to re-budget for foreign travel.

Travel fares charged to a federal project must be for economy or coach fares.

ALL international travel using federal funds must be by U.S. Flag air carriers if service by such carrier is available. Cost IS NOT a factor in determining availability. The first or last leg of travel from or to the U.S. must be by a U.S. flag carrier in almost al circumstances.

Sub-contracts are often funded with federal money. If so, all federal regulations apply including travel regulations.

A Foreign Travel Authorization Form (PDF) is required for ALL foreign travel using grant/contract funds. The form must be signed and submitted to Becky Currier, 541-737-3188, in 278 Peavy Forest Science Center before making travel arrangements. The Foreign Travel Authorization will need to be signed by the Office of Sponsored Research and Award Administration, so be sure to account for the extra time needed for this necessary step.

VISA Fees: May be paid on grant if related to and required by the project.