Capital equipment is any item that costs $5,000 or more and has an expected useful life of more than two years. Such items acquired on a sponsored research project must be accounted for according to the terms of the agreement and must be budgeted in the agreement.

All orders for equipment must be placed through our buyer, John Del Bando,  John will work directly with Central Purchasing to assure that you acquire exactly what you want at the best possible price.  Often, the equipment will need to be added to inventory.  Becky Currier, 541-737-3188, in FOBC should be notified when purchasing equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I pay for a piece of equipment on two or more indexes?

A: Yes. However, the item is still capital equipment based on purchase price, not payment source. Also, the "ownership code" and owner for the equipment must be identical for all fund sources, otherwise split payment cannot be used. If state funds and restricted funds are both involved, the state must be the owner.

Q: If I leave the University and have an active grant, do I take the equipment with me?

A: If the grant is being transferred to your new institution, the equipment may go with the grant. However, you must provide a list of equipment to Research Accounting that will be transferred. They will work with the FOBC to assure that all paperwork has been completed to effect the transfer. State owned equipment should never be taken from the University without proper authorization. Always contact FOBC first.