All equipment is either property of the State of Oregon or property of the agency sponsoring your research. You are the custodian, not the owner.

  1. Equipment purchases on Grants MUST BE BUDGETED.
  2. If you "split-fund" an equipment purchase such that each index pays less than $5,000.00 the item is still equipment and must be budgeted and allowable. The cost of the item determines its accounting treatment, not the source of the dollars.
  3. Do not attempt to pay for equipment purchased using "split-funding" unless you check with FOBC first. Using more than one index for payment can cause problems and delayed payment.
  4. Do not take property off campus without filling out a Property Loan Agreement: To Employees (PDF) form.  Property loaned to other institutions must be documented with the Property Loan Agreement: To Other Institutions and Agencies (PDF) form.
  5. If you lend the University equipment or use equipment borrowed from elsewhere, complete the Property Loan Agreement: To OSU (PDF) form.
  6. Equipment items are tagged and inventoried. We must report any change of location of the item(s), so please keep Adrienne Wonhof in the College of Forestry informed if you move the equipment.
  7. IF YOU LEAVE THE UNIVERSITY, you cannot take equipment with you even on a continuing research project without completing a Property Loan Agreement: To Employees (PDF) form. Contact Christina Fierro in FOBC as soon as you can to make arrangements for a smooth transition.