College Forests gate keys are issued by FOBC Finance & Accounting, 278 Peavy Forest Science Center.  All Peavy Forest Science Center and Richardson Hall keys are issued by the OSU Key Shop.  Contact your department office manager with questions.


To Get Forest gate Keys

Obtain a key request form from your Department Office and have the form signed by the Department Head or the Office Manager and bring the form to FOBC F&A.  Christina is the main contact for keys, but any other Finance staff can distribute and receive keys.  Deposits are no longer charged for keys.  

For Additional Keys

If you have a valid key form on file and you need additional keys, you do not need a new key form.  Your Department Office must send an email to the Forestry Key Mailbox listing your name, the room number, and the key number (if known).  Do not send an email directly to Christina.  All Finance staff has access to the Forestry Key Mailbox.

To Return Keys

Bring the key(s) to FOBC F&A.  Keys issued by the OSU Key Shop must be returned to your department office manager.