U.S. Bank Access Online is an exclusive web-based electronic program management tool that provides our cardholders with quick access to their complete account information enabling individuals to view their account activity and billing statements online!

To begin utilizing Access Online you first need to get registered.  Access Online self-registration empowers you to create your own User ID and Password and is easy to use.  

Just like the rest of the Access Online features, self-registration has been designed to be intuitive; however, to ensure a positive experience, here are a few helpful hints:

  • Go to: https://access.usbank.com and click on the “Register Online” link
  • When asked to enter your company short name, please use OUS
  • ZIP/Postal Code must exactly match what is on your billing statement –– or you will receive an error message
  • Phone and Fax number format: No dashes, hyphens, parenthesis or spaces (i.e. 6121234567)
  • User ID’s must be 7 to 12 characters in length and can be alpha and/or numeric. User ID’s must also be unique; try to think of a distinctive ID (i.e. if your name is John F Smith try the User ID jofsmith3)
  • Passwords must be 8 to 20 characters in length, with at least one alpha and one numeric character
  • User Verification is used to authenticate your account if you forget your User ID or Password 
  • After entering your card number and information click continue.  Do not click on the ‘Additional Account’ button.  If you are currently an Access Online User (i.e. with a PCard) Please contact Rose Hamilton @ 541-737-0650 for assistance.
  • When entering information in self-registration, if any of the entered information is not valid the system returns an error message. You have three attempts to correct the information. If all three attempts fail, the account with incorrect information will be locked out from self-registration. You will need to contact U.S. Bank Customer Service at 1-877-887-9260 to unlock your account

Congratulations, you are now registered to enter Access Online.

If you have any questions, please call Rose Hamilton at 541-737-0650 or the U.S. Bank Customer Service Desk at 1-877-887-9260.