Receipt Requirements

Receipts are required with all travel and personal reimbursement submissions.  Receipts must be itemized and show the method of payment.  Be aware of restaurant tear tags and credit card charge slips that are missing information. 

Reimbursement Requests

Cash Out  (PDF) - Under $100, for students and volunteers only.  This form is submitted directly to the Cashier's Office in Kerr.

Personal Reimbursement Request  (PDF) - For employees and student/volunteer requests over $100.

When requesting reimbursements, tape your receipts to a standard 8 1/2" X 11" sheet of paper and attach to the form.  Do not staple receipts or tape over the information on the face of the receipt.  On the form you must indicate the index to be charged and an activity code if one is needed. Sign the form.  The form must also be signed by your department's office manager.

Receipts must be obtained for purchases from Direct Pay Vendors (e.g. Bi-Mart, OfficeMax, Robnett's) and must be turned in to the Business Office.

When turning in receipts obtained from a Direct Pay Vendor (PDF), the receipts MUST include your name, the index to be charged, and an activity code if desired. If your name is handwritten, it must be legible; otherwise, please PRINT YOUR NAME on the receipt.