The travel desk will assist you in making arrangements for both domestic and foreign travel.  Travel on Grants is highly regulated.


  • Becky Currier, 541-737-3188,, 278 Peavy Forest Science Center - Travel reimbursements, airfare approvals, 3rd party travel/hosting invoices, conference registrations

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2021 OSU Travel Per Diem Update (1/6/21)

Effective January 1, 2021 the following changes are in effect:

  • The OSU High Cost City Locations for calendar year 2021 have been updated. A few locations have been added and deleted.
  • The standard mileage reimbursement rate for use of a private vehicle for business purposes has decreased to $0.56 cents/mile.
  • NEW: Commercial lodging is reimbursed based on actual cost.  Campgrounds are now included within Commercial Lodging.
  • NEW: Meal Per Diem
    • Travelers can claim up to 75% of per diem on first and last day of travel.
    • Travelers can claim up to 75% per diem on one-day trips when they are away from official work station for at least six hours.

 The OSU travel per diem rates for 2021 are as follows:

  • High Cost Cities
    • Meals & Incidental Expenses - $71.00
      • Breakfast - $17.75
      • Lunch - $17.75
      • Dinner - $35.50
  • Low Cost Cities
    • Meals & Incidental Expenses - $60.00
      • Breakfast - $15.00
      • Lunch - $15.00
      • Dinner - $30.00
Policy Update (11/16/20)

OSU has revised the fiscal policy on travel effective 11/16/20.


ALL Business Travel Requires Authorization (7/30/20)

All OSU business travel must be approved by College of Forestry leadership.  Use the Qualtrics Travel Authorization Form to request approval.


ALL Travel Currently Restricted Due to COVID-19 (3/13/20)

See Oregon State's website on COVID-19 for the latest information.



  • NEW!  Qualtrics Travel Authorization Form (online form) - Form to request permission from College of Forestry leadership to travel on OSU business.
  • Travel Advance Form - PDF. Advance checks will not be released more than seven (7) days before the departure date. Contact Becky Currier in 278 Peavy Forest Science Center prior to completing the form.  (Form will not autocalculate when filled out in browser window.  Download form to trigger autocalculation.)
  • Foreign Travel Authorization Form - PDF.  Send to Becky Currier in 278 Peavy Forest Science Center. 


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