Follow these steps when the TRES form is complete and ready for submission:

  • Make sure Rebecca (Becky) Currier is chosen in the Travel Certifier list.
  • Click Print Preview.
  • Print a copy of the document.
  • Return to travel document and click Submit. (Any changes after electronic submission can be written directly on the form.)
  • Sign the paper form.
  • Attach required receipts and any backup documentation. All reimbursements for conferences, workshops, and meetings must have an agenda or announcement attached. This requirement is waived for small, informal meetings.
  • Turn in to your department office for approval signature.
  • Turn in to Becky Currier in 278 Peavy Forest Science Center for processing.

Both the electronic and paper versions need to be received before the travel reimbursement can be processed.

Contact Becky Currier, 541-737-3188, for any questions or if a step in the process has been missed.