It is the University policy to encourage its faculty members to undertake outside activities (not to exceed an average of one day/week) that will increase their effectiveness and broaden their experience in relation to their functions at the University, or which will be of service to the community, private sector, nation, or world provided:

a. The cumulative total of outside professional activities and overload activities does not substantially interfere with the performance of the faculty member's University duties.

b. The outside activities do not involve use of University property, facilities, equipment, or services, except in limited circumstances when approved by the faculty member's department head/chair and dean or the dean and vice president.

c. The outside activities are approved by the department head/chair and dean or dean and vice president using the Request for Approval of Outside Employment form for consulting, or a memorandum for cases of deeper involvement with commercial enterprises. A copy of the approved document should be filed with the Office of Academic Affairs before the outside activity begins. If the proposed activity includes signing an agreement concerning rights in inventions or materials, the agreement must be reviewed and approved by the Vice Provost for Research.

d. The faculty member makes it clear to the outside employer (agency, board, jury, or audience) that he or she is acting in an individual capacity and does not speak, write, or act in the name of the University or directly represent it.

e. The faculty member does not list his or her university telephone number in commercial listings or other public documents, the purpose of which is to draw attention to the individual's availability for compensatory service. Further, use of the University name, logo, and stationery is prohibited.

f. The outside employment is consistent with policies of the faculty member's college, school, or division.