Important Information and Resources for Hiring Supervisors:

  • Temporary recruitments must be posted competitively for a minimum of 5 business days, unless the appointee meets the Internal Appointee Guidelines.
  • Temporary appointments must only be used for the purposes of meeting emergency, non-recurring or short-term workload needs.
  • Temporary employees hired through OSU are represented under the SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Represented temporary employees have the same classification title and base rate of pay for the appropriate classification as regular classified employees.  Rates of pay for represented temporary employees must be within the established ranges (minimum and maximum) specified by the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  • Employment of temporary employees, other than to replace a regular employee on leave, cannot exceed the equivalent of six calendar months (1,040 hours) in a twelve month period, beginning with the first day of employment.

Temporary Employment Policies: Conditions for hiring temporary employees, use of external temporary employment agencies, temporary staff position titles and pay ranges, and more.

Developing Position Descriptions: If you have hired temporary employees in the past, and would like to reference previous position descriptions that you have used, please contact FOBC HR.  We can pull your old PD's and send them to you to assist in the development of your new PD. 

Additional Resources:

EmpCenter Supervisor Resources (For additional questions, contact

SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreement