Time Reporting During Inclement Weather

EmpCenter for Supervisors - Frequently Asked Questions

Time Reporting

All employees should record their leave and hours worked in EmpCenter.  ONID ID and password are required to log in.  Detailed guides and tutorials can be found at the EmpCenter Training website.

Paper timesheets are to be used for exceptional circumstances only.  Contact Empcenter.FOBC@oregonstate.edu if you experience issues with EmpCenter system.

Time off requests and protected leave requests should all be submitted through EmpCenter.

Sick Leave

The Oregon Sick Time Law went into effect 01/01/16.  Please see the What's New page for details about the changes to EmpCenter as a result of this law.  

Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistants will begin reporting time in EmpCenter as of the 03/16/16 pay period.  Please see the What's New page for details about the changes to EmpCenter.  Training Resources for Graduate Assistants and their supervisors can be found at the Graduate Assistant Training Page



OSCAR is the primary location for OSU forms.

Employees may go to the "Downloadable Forms" area within OSCAR to find the Leave Request Form, the Current Mailing Address Change Form and the Communication Allowance Agreement Form, to name a few.

Supervisors may find a Performance Evaluation Form, the New Classified Employee Checklist, a Temporary Employment Agency Request form, and others.