Travel, General

Q. 1.1 Are departments or Business Affairs responsible for the education of departmental personnel?
A. Departments are responsible for training and educating their staff to insure adherence to policy and procedures.

Pre-Travel Planning

Q. 2.1 What is a City Pair?
A. OUS, in cooperation with the rest of the State of Oregon, negotiates airfares with various airlines. The tickets are for unrestricted flights, which means advance purchase is not required. Saturday night stay is not required, flights can be changed without additional charges, and the airfares are refundable.

Q. 2.2 How do I apply for a corporate travel card?
A. Check with your department's travel administrator for an application and information. You may also call the Payables Office at 7-xxxx to request the form.

Q. 2.3 Who is responsible for paying charges to the corporate travel card?
A. The employee is solely liable for charges to their account in accordance with the agreement between U.S. Bank and the employee.

Q. 2.4 Why do we have to use the OSU contracted travel agencies?
A. There are several advantages to using the contracted travel agencies.

  • Charges are made directly to the department so that the employee does not incur out-of-pocket expenses when they book airline tickets.
  • Agencies may be familiar with OSU Travel Policy, so there is less risk in having the reimbursement claim disallowed.
  • If an error is made by the agency, you may have some recourse, which you may not have with non-contracted agencies.


Q. 2.5 Can the amount reimbursed be over the per diem rate when claiming expenses?
A. No, the per diem rates provided for Lodging and Meal & Incidental Expenses (M&IE) are the maximum amounts allowed.

Q. 2.6 What documentation is needed to receive a "conference exception" for lodging?
A. The conference brochure or materials that clearly identify the event as a conference, as well as the agenda, dates, location, and the conference single room lodging rate.

Q. 2.7 Can department procurement cards be used to pay for conference registrations and institutional or professional memberships?
A. Yes.

Q. 2.8 What per diem is used if the traveler's lodging location is not listed on the Federal High-Low Table?
A. The regular out-of-state per diem (low) rate.

Q. 2.9 On the day a trip concludes, what lodging location determines the daily M&IE per diem?
A. The last business-related lodging location.

Reimbursement of Travel Expenses

Q. 3.1 My colleague and I traveled together. What is the best way to claim reimbursement?
A. When employees travel together it may be expedient for one employee to pay and claim reimbursement for certain expenses of other employees. Reimbursement for multiple employees is only allowed when actual expenses are being reimbursed and supported by receipts.

Q. 3.2 How do I claim reimbursement of travel expenses of others?
A. When an OSU employee, such as a coach, athletic director or group leader, pays for the travel expenses of the team or group members, follow the steps below when preparing the travel reimbursement request.

  • Keep non-employee travel expenses separate from those of employees.
  • Include an attachment that provides a detailed itemization of each employee's expenses.
  • Include an itemized vendor receipt for meals provided to team or group members. If no receipt is available, such as when individuals are provided cash to purchase their own meals, a list of the individual's names, their signatures, and the amounts disbursed is required.


Q. 3.3 Can I claim for alcohol?
A. No. Alcohol is not reimbursable with state funds.

Q. 3.4 I am an off-campus employee and paid cash for a one-day parking permit at a pay station when I was on campus attending a workshop. Can I be reimbursed for this cost along with my mileage on a travel reimbursement?
A. Yes. Receipts are not required for expenses under $25.00.

Q. 3.5 I needed to rent a van to transport equipment to a research site. What costs are reimbursable?
A. The state self-insurance policy requires that the traveler purchase Limited Damage Waiver (LDW). Only the property damage coverage will be reimbursed. It is not necessary to purchase their liability coverage.

Q. 3.6 What information should the traveler provide when requesting reimbursement or payment for a vehicle rental other than economy or compact?

Q. 3.7 Can the traveler be reimbursed for meals on one-day trips?

Relocation & Moving

Q. 4.1 Can relocating/moving expenses by taxable to the employee?
A. Yes.