General University Policies Manual
Effective: 09/2003
Revised: 09/26/2007


To provide a uniform and legal process to obtain, maintain and hold FCC issued licenses.


Oregon State Board of Higher Education Policy on administration of FCC licenses dated 21 June 2002.


The Board is the legal owner of all FCC licenses held within OUS. The Board has delegated the ability to the President of each institution to act ON THE BOARD’S BEHALF to administer the FCC licenses. In authorizing this, the Board has also set certain requirements outlined in the Board’s policy.


OSU will maintain a position of “FCC Coordinator” within the Department of Information Services.  This position is charged with assisting departments and other administrative units with FCC licensing issues within the OSBHE policy of delegation of licensing authority.  It shall be the policy that all FCC licenses be coordinated through the FCC Coordinator.  With the advice and consent of the FCC Coordinator, Associate Coordinators may be appointed who will also be able to fill all duties of the FCC Coordinator.


Obtaining a new license:

When a department identifies a need for wireless communications that require a license, they shall contact the FCC Coordinator and obtain an information packet.  They will then fill out the packet forms and return it for review.  Once reviewed, the coordination of frequencies will be done (usually in conjunction with the radio vendor) followed by the actual license application.  Once the license is received the equipment may be ordered.

Maintaining Licenses:

OSBHE requires that all radio licenses held have appropriate technical oversight.  Also they require an annual reporting of status of the license, technical responsibility and contact person.  The OSU FCC Coordinator will maintain this information and forward it to the Chancellor’s office.  Also the FCC Coordinator will provide filings for renewal of licenses, activity audits, facilitate communications among license holders and respond to technical inquiries from the FCC.


The OSU FCC coordinator can be reached at:

Tom Williams
Operating System/Network Analyst
Media Services
109 Kidder Hall