Airfare Authorization Requests Leroy (VMD), Lisa/Rob (PHHS), Lisa/Mary (PHR)
Annual Visa Agreement Requests Karen (VMD), Alexa/Dawn (PHHS), Parker (PHR)
Cash/Credit Card deposit questions Parker
Coordination of Maintenance and Construction projects Ryan (VMD)
Correcting Journal Voucher requests

Candice (VMD), Alexa/Dawn/Sudie (PHHS), Mary/Parker (PHR)

Grant Reporting Questions Brenda B. (VMD), Dawn/Rob/Sudie (PHHS), Mary, Parker (PHR)
Invoice Payment Questions Brenda T. (VMD), Tomas (VMD), Alexa (PHHS), Parker (PHR)
Financial policy, incl general questions about invoices & reimbursements Brenda B. (VMD), Rob/Sudie (PHHS), Mary/Rob (PHR)
General questions re allowability of purchasing card expenditures Brenda T. (VMD), Tomas (VMD), Alexa/Dawn (PHHS), Parker (PHR)
Grant Policy questions Brenda B. (VMD), Rob/Sudie (PHHS), Mary(PHR)
Grant Proposal Budget questions Brenda B. (VMD), Rob/Sudie (PHHS), Mary(PHR)
Relocation Allowance Questions Karen/Leroy (VMD), Lisa/Rob (PHHS), Lisa/Mary (PHR)
OSU Foundation Payment request questions

Candice (VMD), Alexa/Evelyn/Rob (PHHS), Alexa/Evelyn/Parker (PHR)

PAR form questions Candice (VMD), Alexa/Evelyn (PHHS, PHR)
Payroll or Pay Check questions Candice/Karen/Leroy (VMD), Candice/Karen/Rob (PHHS), Candice/Karen/Mary (PHR)
Payment Policy questions Brenda B/Brenda T/Tomas (VMD), Rob/Sudie (PHHS), Mary/Rob (PHR)
Personal and Professional Service Contracts (PSI/PPSC) Candice (VMD), Rob/Sudie (PHHS), Mary/Rob
Procurement CardPolicy questions Brenda B (VMD), Sudie (PHHS), Mary (PHR)
Purchase Order and Requisition Questions Brenda T., Tomas
Travel Policy Questions Rob
Vendor disputes and inquiries Brenda T. (VMD), Tomas (VMD), Sudie (PHHS), Mary (PHR)
Wire Transfer Requests Brenda T. (VMD), Tomas (VMD), Alexa/Rob/Sudie (PHHS), Mary/Parker (PHR)


Financial transactions, grant reporting, policy questions Lisa
Employee Payroll Leroy
Vet Med budget, strategic planning Leroy
College budgets, strategic planning, HSBC management Tom

Human Resources/Recruitment

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