Airfare Authorization Requests Leroy (VMD), Lisa/Rob (PHHS), Lisa/Mary (PHR)
Annual Visa Agreement Requests Karen (VMD), Alexa/Dawn (PHHS), Parker (PHR)
Cash/Credit Card deposit questions Parker
Coordination of Maintenance and Construction projects Ryan (VMD)
Correcting Journal Voucher requests

Candice (VMD), Alexa/Dawn (PHHS), Mary/Parker (PHR)

Grant Reporting Questions Brenda B. (VMD), Dawn/Rob (PHHS), Mary, Parker (PHR)
Invoice Payment Questions Tomas (VMD), Alexa (PHHS), Parker (PHR)
Financial policy, incl general questions about invoices & reimbursements Brenda B. (VMD), Rob (PHHS), Mary/Rob (PHR)
General questions re allowability of purchasing card expenditures Tomas (VMD), Alexa/Dawn (PHHS), Parker (PHR)
Grant Policy questions Brenda B. (VMD), Rob (PHHS), Mary(PHR)
Grant Proposal Budget questions Brenda B. (VMD), Rob (PHHS), Mary(PHR)
Relocation Allowance Questions Karen/Leroy (VMD), Lisa/Rob (PHHS), Lisa/Mary (PHR)
OSU Foundation Payment request questions

Candice (VMD), Alexa/Evelyn/Rob (PHHS), Alexa/Evelyn/Parker (PHR)

PAR form questions Candice (VMD), Alexa/Evelyn (PHHS, PHR)
Payroll or Pay Check questions Candice/Karen/Leroy (VMD), Candice/Karen/Rob (PHHS), Candice/Karen/Mary (PHR)
Payment Policy questions Brenda B/Tomas (VMD), Rob (PHHS), Mary/Rob (PHR)
Personal and Professional Service Contracts (PSI/PPSC) Candice (VMD), Rob (PHHS), Mary/Rob
Procurement CardPolicy questions Brenda B (VMD), Dawn (PHHS), Mary (PHR)
Purchase Order and Requisition Questions Tomas
Travel Policy Questions Rob
Vendor disputes and inquiries Tomas (VMD), Dawn (PHHS), Mary (PHR)
Wire Transfer Requests Tomas (VMD), Alexa/Rob (PHHS), Mary/Parker (PHR)


Financial transactions, grant reporting, policy questions Lisa
Employee Payroll Leroy
Vet Med budget, strategic planning Leroy
College budgets, strategic planning, HSBC management Tom

Human Resources/Recruitment

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