Awards Overview

Annually, in the Division of Finance & Administration we recognize employees for their outstanding service to the Division and the University community. Identification of employee award winners goes through a nomination and selection process. The awards presentation is generally held during an annual summer event hosted by the Vice President of Finance & Administration.

The DFA Employee Recognition Committee, comprised of representatives from each DFA unit, receives and reviews nominations and selects winners for all the awards. To ensure continuity and knowledge of the Division's awards process, it is preferred at least two of the committee members will serve for a period of two consecutive years. The prior year's Division All-Star and Leadership award recipients are asked to serve on the Employee Recognition Committee. Current year award recipients, excepting the Outstanding Student recipient(s), will receive an invitation to participate on the Committee for the following year.

Award Categories & Criteria
  1. DFA All-Star Award
  2. Customer Service Award
  3. Innovation Award
  4. Leadership Award
  5. Outstanding Student Award
  6. Teamwork/Collaboration Award

Details about awards are located on the award categories & criteria page. Nominations must be received by August 31, 2020.

Click the link to view a list of previous award winners.