Standards for Communicating Administrative Policy & Procedures

Adopted on Wednesday, January 30, 2002 by:

Vice President of Finance & Administration

Director of Business Affairs

Director of Property, Contracts/Risk Management, Property Management

Director of Budget/Fiscal Planning

Director of Public Safety

Director of Human Resources

Associate Vice President of Finance & Administration and Director of Facility Services

Head of Finance & Administration for OSU Cascades Campus


  1. Administrative Departments will communicate written policies and procedures (p&p) only through their department/unit P&P manuals located on the main OSU Web page for F&A Administrative Manuals.
  2. Email, bulletins (hard copy or electronic), department web sites and forms or any other written media type may not state the actual policy or procedure. However, they may:
    • Explain, expand or clarify a policy or procedure,
    • Introduce a new policy or procedure, or
    • Announce the revision to a policy or procedure.

    All electronic communications explaining, introducing, announcing a revision to or referencing a policy or procedure will contain a hyperlink to the policy or procedure in the appropriate manual. All hard copy communications must contain the URL to the online policy or procedure.

  3. Exceptions to the standards will be made on a case-by-case basis for emergency situations, confidential or security policies and procedures, to protect the university from civil liability, when a change in the law immediately imposes a new duty or obligation on the University, or other similar situations.