Archives & Records Management (ARC)

Department: University Archives
Coordinator: Larry Landis
Phone: (541) 737-0540

Budgets (BUD)

Department: Office of Budgets & Fiscal Planning
Coordinator: Terri Cook
Phone: (541) 737-9189
Coordinator: Karen Meador
Phone: (541) 737-0914

Facilities Services (FAC)

Department: Facilities Services
Phone: (541) 737-

Fiscal Operations (FIS)

Department: Office of the Controller
Coordinator: Cindy Draper
Phone: (541) 737-1197

Grant, Contract & Gift Accounting (GCG)

Department: Office of Post Award Administration
Coordinator: Lisa Silbernagel
Phone: (541) 737-4711
Coordinator: Kim Calvery
Phone: (541) 737-2198
Coordinator: Rachel Polansky
Phone: (541) 737-5914

Human Resources (OHR)

Department: Employee Benefits
Coordinator, Employee Benefits: Manager, Employee Benefits
Phone: (541) 737-2806
Department: Learning & Organizational Development
Coordinator, Learning & Organizational Development: Paul Biwan
Phone: (541) 737-0545
Department: HR Systems & Technology
Coordinator, HR Systems & Technology: Michelle Harrell-Oechies
Phone: (541) 737-8076
Department: Unclassified Employees
Coordinator, Unclassified Employees
Phone: (541) 737-0736
Department: HR Solutions
Phone: (541) 737-0547
Department: Strategic Staffing/Workforce Planning
Coordinator, Strategic Staffing/Workforce Planning: Robbin Sim
Phone: (541) 737-3203

General University Policies (GEN)

Department: Office of Human Resources
Phone: (541) 737-3103

Information Security (InfoSec)

Department: Information Services
Coordinator: David Nevin
Phone: (541) 737-3549

Payroll (PAY)

Department: Payroll Department
Coordinator: Steve Nash
Phone: (541) 737-9491
Coordinator: Sue Hall
Phone: (541) 737-8610

Procurement and Contract Services (PaCS)

Department: Procurement and Contract Services Office
Coordinator: Kelly Kozisek
Phone: (541) 737-2067

Property Management (PRO)

Department: Inventory Control
Coordinator: Charlotte Rooks
Phone: (541) 737-5422
Office: B100 Kerr Administration Building

Research (RES)

Department: Research Office
Coordinator: Jana Zvibleman
Phone: (541) 737-0655

Safety (SAF)

Department: Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)
Coordinator: Dan Kermoyan
Phone: (541) 737-2505
Coordinator: Kay Miller

Student Employment (STU)

Department: Office of Human Resources
Phone: (541) 737-5355

Student Organizations (SOR)

Department: Student Leadership & Involvement
Coordinator: Danté L. Holloway
Phone: (541) 737-1562