Use this convenient debit plan available on your OSU ID card account by adding money at the ID Center, Valley Library or online at, OSU's online card office. Your ID Card becomes a campus debit card for purchasing food at all campus food locations and for photocopies at the Valley Library. Resident Hall students have a separate meal plan through Housing for food purchases only. Your Card Cash balance rolls over each term as long as you have current student or employee status at OSU.

MyCard allows you to manage your Card Cash campus debit account online. You may view your OSU Card Cash; view past Card Cash transactions; add money to your OSU Card Cash account; set up, update and manage OSU Card Cash contributors other than yourself; and deactivate or reactivate your lost OSU ID Card.

Regulations of Card Cash account: Abandoned accounts (not enrolled/employed at OSU for 180 days) may be forfeited to the University. Any use of Card Cash funds before a lost card is reported to the ID Center is the responsibility of the cardholder. Refunds of account balance, minus a $15 service charge, will be made only if you're terminating enrollment or employment at OSU. Partial withdrawals are not allowed.