OSU Unit Assigned Business Center
Academic Affairs and International Programs University Administrative
Agricultural Research Centers Agricultural and Marine
ASOSU & Educational Activities Auxiliaries & Activities
Athletics Department Auxiliaries & Activities
Capital Planning & Development Auxiliaries & Activities
College of Agricultural Sciences Agricultural and Marine
College of Business Business and Engineering
College of Education Arts and Sciences
College of Engineering Business and Engineering
College of Forestry Forestry, Oceanic, and Atmospheric
College of Public Health & Human Sciences Health Sciences
College of Liberal Arts Arts and Sciences
College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Forestry, Oceanic, and Atmospheric
College of Pharmacy Health Sciences
College of Science Arts and Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine Health Sciences
Counseling & Psychological Services Auxiliaries & Activities
Diversity & Cultural Engagement Auxiliaries & Activities
Enterprise Risk Services Auxiliaries & Activities
Facilities Services Auxiliaries & Activities
Finance and Administration (excluding Capital Planning,
Facilities, Public Safety, Conference Services, Transportation)
University Administrative
Graduate School University Administrative
Hatfield Marine Science Center Agricultural and Marine
Honors College Arts and Sciences
Human Resources Office University Administrative
Information Services University Administrative
Intercultural Student Services Auxiliaries & Activities
International Programs University Administrative
Memorial Union & MU Retail Food Services Auxiliaries & Activities
Office of the President University Administrative
Office of the Provost University Administrative
Orange Media Network Auxiliaries & Activities
Printing & Mailing Auxiliaries & Activities
Public Safety Auxiliaries & Activities
Recreational Sports Auxiliaries & Activities
Research Office (excluding HMSC) University Administrative
Specialized Administrative Services Auxiliaries & Activities
Student Access & Family Resources Auxiliaries & Activities
Student Affairs (E&G Funded) University Administrative
Student Health Services Auxiliaries & Activities
Student Leadership & Involvement Auxiliaries & Activities
Transportation Services Auxiliaries & Activities
University Relations and Marketing University Administrative
University Conference Services Auxiliaries & Activities
University Housing & Dining Auxiliaries & Activities
University Outreach and Engagement University Administrative
Valley Library University Administrative