Procurement and Contract Services Policies and Procedures Manual
Section 200: Regulations and Authority
Effective: 1/4/2010
Revised: 1/10/2019


OSU has four authorities relevant to the purchase of goods, services and construction for the University. They are Budget Authority, Purchase Authority, Institutional Authority and Contract Signature Authority.


202-001: Budget Authority

Under development.  


202-002: Purchase Authority

The university’s purchase authority is allocated to the central procurement office by virtue of the primary duties and responsibilities to acquire all goods, services and construction for the university.  For increased efficiency of university acquisitions, this policy delegates purchase authority by dollar thresholds to units outside the central procurement office. Purchase authority grants the authority to acquire goods, services and construction, excluding acquisitions subject to Bureau of Labor and Industry Prevailing Wage Rates which must be managed by PaCS at any dollar level. Purchase authority is granted within the dollar thresholds as indicated in the table below.

Purchase Threshold Unit with Purchase Authority
Up to $5,000.00 Department*

$5000.01 - $25,000.00

Business Center*
$25,000.01 and above PaCS

These purchase thresholds are in the aggregate and based on contract price. In determining the contract price the purchase authority must include the value of the entire acquisition reasonably known or anticipated at the time, including any amounts expended during the initial term and any renewal terms allowed under the Contract. The contract price must not be split in order to avoid using a particular process associated with the purchase thresholds. If there is a chance that the contract may exceed the purchase threshold for any reason including but not limited to additional phases of work, contingent funding, or selection of alternates, use the next highest purchase threshold.


* Excludes those purchases that are subject to Bureau of Labor and Industry (BOLI) Prevailing Wage Rates (PWR). For those purchases there is no delegation of purchasing authority to departments or Business Centers.


202-003: Institutional Authority

See to OSU Standard 580-042 Gift, Grant, and Contract Management.


202-004: Contract Signature Authority

Oregon State University Contract Signature Authority