Procurement and Contract Services Policy & Procedures Manual
Section 200: Regulations and Authority
Effective: 1/4/2010
Revised: 1/10/2019


A purchase or Contract made outside PaCS granted Purchase Authority or Contract Signature Authority is unauthorized.  Unauthorized purchases or Contracts are not legal or binding on OSU and are voidable at OSU’s discretion.  Individuals that purchase or sign Contracts beyond their granted authority may be held personally responsible for the purchase or Contract, which could include personal liability for payment to the vendor for the purchase or contract, or repayment to OSU.  Unauthorized procurements or Contracts are addressed by documenting the circumstances and taking corrective action.


203-001: Rectification of Unauthorized Purchases or Contracts

Unauthorized purchase of goods may be rectified by cancellation of the purchase and return of the goods.  Unauthorized Contracts for goods or services may be rectified by cancelling the contract before receipt of goods or services.  If goods or services have been received, and return or cancellation is not an option without incurring a cost that must be paid, then ratification of the Unauthorized Purchase or Contract must occur.


203-002: Ratification of Unauthorized Purchases or Contracts

Unauthorized purchases or Contracts may be ratified if approval is granted through ratification by the Chief Procurement Officer or designee.  Payment for the procurement or Contract may not be made until after ratification has been granted by the appropriate Purchase Authority or Contract Signature Authority.