Procurement and Contract Services Policy & Procedures Manual
Section 300: Purchasing
Effective: 7/1/2010
Revised: 1/10/2019


OSU will use existing University-wide Contracts or Price Agreements set up for purchasing goods, services and construction whenever possible. The Contracts represent savings based on large dollar spend and will likely be better than the prices quoted outside of the Contract or, represent savings in administrative processing that may not be apparent on the face of the Contract.


OSU also has access to Cooperative Procurement Contracts from other organizations and may be able to use those Contracts in order to fulfill the requirement for competition. OSU maintains and supports first those Contracts put in place by OSU, and then those organizations that OSU is affiliated with for Cooperative Procurements. When using these Contracts or agreements PaCS must review and document how the contract or price agreement and competitive method used to establish the contract or agreement.