Procurement and Contract Services Policy & Procedures Manual
Section 300: Purchasing
Effective: 7/1/2010
Revised: 1/10/2019


316-001: Business Inclusion and Diversity Program


  1. The university encourages the participation of diverse businesses that have been certified by the state of Oregon in accordance with Oregon Revised Statute 200.055. OSU’s business inclusion and diversity program includes outreach plans, solicitation efforts, and management plans.

    1. Outreach Plan: Annually, OSU shall develop an Outreach Plan which may include elements such as: vendor fairs, small group meetings between diverse businesses and persons who solicit and enter into contracts for OSU, technical assistance for diverse businesses, and dissemination of resources to OSU employees with purchasing authority.
    1. Solicitation Effort: For contracts requiring a formal solicitation process, OSU will directly contact at least one certified diverse business, if available, by appropriate means to alert them of the contracting opportunity and provide them reasonable notice to respond. If a certified diverse business is not available for the contracting opportunity, self-identified diverse businesses may be used to satisfy the requirement, if known.
    1. Construction Management Plans: Requests for Proposal, outside of the reserve contract program for Construction shall require the submittal of a Management Plan by the Offeror and include it as part of the evaluation criteria. At least ten percent (10%) of the total points allocated for evaluation criteria shall be allocated to the Management Plan.

A Management Plan is a plan to increase Contracts or subcontracts with diverse businesses. The Management Plan may include the business' nondiscrimination practices, subcontracting strategy, workforce diversity plan, and outreach plan to increase participation of diverse businesses. OSU’s consideration of the Contractor’s past performance in regards to diverse business utilization and subcontracting plans as part of the Management Plan evaluation is encouraged. The Management Plan, except for any percentage goals to utilize diverse businesses, shall become part of the Contract.

  1. An Annual Report including data utilization of certified diverse businesses for goods, services, and construction for the most recently completed fiscal year will be maintained. The Annual Report will also compare utilization to the previous year.
  1. This policy is inapplicable to any Contract determined to be non-competitive under OSU Standard 03-010.


316-002: Oregon Forward (formerly Qualified Rehabilitation Facilities or QRF)

Oregon Forward is a state-run purchasing program promoting meaningful job opportunities for adults living with disabilities. The following organizations support, represent or manage Oregon Forward Contractors (OFCs) as indicated below:

  • Oregon Department of Administrative Services certifies organizations as OFCs.
  • The State Procurement Office (SPO) manages the products and services of the Oregon Forward program.
  • Oregon Rehabilitation Association (ORA) supports and represents OFCs.  For more information see ORA’s website at

OSU must comply with ORS 279.835 to 279.855.


  1. VIEW OFC list of goods or services.
  2. If the goods or services are listed, contact the OFC representative and discuss your specific requirements and timeframe.  If they can meet those requirements and timeframe, work with your Business Center or PaCS to get a purchase order or Contract in place.
  3. If a source is not located on the OFC list for your specific requirements, proceed as normal with the procurement.