Oregon State University is Oregon’s land grant university and we invite diverse businesses to find opportunities to compete for contracts. As an owner of a minority-owned, woman-owned, service disabled veteran-owned or an emerging small business, you will find opportunities at the main campus in Corvallis, the Cascades Campus in Bend, the Marine Hatfield Science Center in Newport, the Portland Center and in every county in the state through OSU Extension Services. OSU awards millions of dollars in contracts for goods and services and construction every year and by extending contracts to diverse suppliers, OSU directly contributes to the economic prosperity of the communities we serve.

OSU actively solicits bids and proposals from businesses who are certified by the State of Oregon’s Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity (COBID). Here are a few of the services and commodities we purchase:

  • maintenance and repairs
  • construction services
  • professional services
  • scientific goods
  • catering
  • photography
  • signage
  • interpreters
  • engineering services



OSU Policy 316-001 supports OSU Standard 03-010 (5.8.1) that expands economic opportunities for minority-owned, woman-owned, service-disabled veterans and emerging small businesses by offering contracting and subcontracting opportunities through institution contracts.

OSU actively searches for at least one (1) certified firm from the COBID database, if available on formal solicitations. If no certified COBID firm is available, a firm that is self-identified or certified by another state, federal government or other entity, may be used, if available.

For procurements of goods and services, bidders and proposers must certify, as part of the bid or proposal documents accompanying the bid or proposal on a public contract, that such bidder or proposer has not discriminated against Minority, Women, Service-Disabled Veterans or Emerging Small Business Enterprises in obtaining any required subcontracts.

OSU reports spend with diverse businesses directly to the OSU Board of Directors. Oregon State University intends to acquire the best product at the best price being cognizant of the need to encourage growth of Oregon firms including COBID certified firms.



  1. Get COBID certified: If you qualify as a diverse business, apply for certification through the State of Oregon Certification Office of Business Inclusion and Diversity.
  2. Respond to requests:  After you receive COBID certification, look for our current opportunities by visiting the OSU bid site or you can find a link to our bid site on Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN) . Opportunities to participate in the OSU Retainer Program are advertised on the OSU Bid Opportunity website as well.
  3. Stay Informed: OSU hosts occasional networking events for COBID certified businesses and participates in outreach events. Visit our Supplier Diversity blog to learn about upcoming events.



Certification Office of Business Inclusion and Diversity (COBID) goal is to foster an environment where every small business in Oregon can compete fairly regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability, or size. COBID strives to help owners of disadvantaged and emerging small businesses access opportunities to compete for public contracting opportunities.

Salem Capitol Connections provides Oregon entrepreneurs with opportunities to connect with public and private entities that lead to sustainable business relationships and opportunities.

The Government Contract Assistance Program (GCAP) assists Oregon small businesses to succeed in obtaining Government Contracts, which stimulates the growth of Oregon’s economy.

The Business Diversity Institute provides education and opportunities in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

The Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs promotes and develops entrepreneurship and economic development for ethnic minorities in Oregon and southwest Washington.

The African American Chamber of Commerce strives for an enhanced economic base, better capitalized businesses and equitable participation for all minorities, within the economic mainstream.

Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber works to increase the economic advancement of Latinos in Portland and southwest Washington.

Oregon Native American Chamber works to advance the educational and economic opportunities for Native Americans in Oregon and southwest Washington.

The Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Oregon is dedicated to connecting the Filipino American community with government officials and business owners in various industries and professions.



Annual OSU Supplier Diversity Spend Reports:                    FY17                       FY16

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