Buy ORANGE provides information on campus-wide contracts and programs for goods and services. Time, resources, and monetary savings are realized when purchasing from an already established OSU Contract. Except where otherwise noted or where Bureau of Labor and Industries Prevailing Wage Rates apply, purchases may be made directly against these contracts without competition.


Shoppers will find various suppliers and their supplier information sheets and punch-out catalogs in BennyBuy under Shop and Showcases. Commodities include:

  • Electronics, IT, AV
  • Facilities, MRO
  • Lab Supplies
  • Medical Supplies
  • Office Supplies

Log into BennyBuy for more information.

Non-BennyBuy Contracted Suppliers

For display, retail, and classified advertising. When using these providers, please reference OSU’s contract numbers at the time of order.

OSU partners with REMI for their Equipment Maintenance Management Program (EMMP). With this program, OSU can consolidate multiple service agreements and extended warranties with one agreement that costs less and is more flexible than the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or Independent Service Organization (ISO) contract.


The benefits of Remi’s EMMP includes the following: 

→Savings.  The program will save up to 25% off current service contract pricing with the quality and coverages of your existing service. 

→One Agreement.  Remi can consolidate multiple contracts into one comprehensive agreement, with the flexibility to customize your coverage while Remi manages all service events.

→Vendor of Choice.  Employees of (University/College Name) may utilize their vendor of choice for service on their covered equipment. However, there are some cases where Remi will need to rely on its extensive vendor network to ensure they are dispatching the right vendor for the service being requested—either the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or an ISO to repair their equipment.

→Focus on Education and Research.  Remi will handle all the service requests, purchase orders, claims, etc. so our educators and researchers can reinvest their time and money saved on what they do best.

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OSU offers contracted suppliers of furniture. Please note:

List of manufacturer lines are listed in the Supplier Information Sheets of each distributor.

If the furniture purchase involves any kind of installation, please contact Construction Contracts Administration to see if the project qualifies as a BOLI Prevailing Wage Rate project.

Most suppliers allow the testing of chairs before placing firm orders. It is highly recommended that staff test for fit, ergonomics, and comfort before investing in a chair.


OSU has established contracts with several companies for moving, relocation and logistical services at significantly discounted rates. Services must be arranged through the contact listed in the contract summary to be eligible for the discount. These contracts have been established for OSU official business and their use is voluntary.

New employees must move at their own expense. Any moving-related reimbursements require prior approval from the Department funding the move/relocation. New employees should work directly with their prospective departments and the Business Center.

All reimbursements paid to, or on behalf of a new employee for Moving and Relocation are 100% tax reportable by Business Affairs to be included as wages. Under Section 11048(a) of the new tax laws, the exclusion from gross income for qualified moving expenses is suspended. See FIS Policy for Relocation and Moving – FIS 03-120-404.

  • Sirva (Allied and North American Van Lines)
  • Unigroup (Mayflower and United Van Lines)

When seeking Temporary Employment Services, start with Oregon Forward. OSU must first determine whether an Oregon Forward contractor can successfully perform the requested services before seeking other suppliers.

Other Resources

For available software visit the OSU Software Portal.

OSU has a contract with Ricoh for copier leases. Please visit Printing and Mailing Services for information on the program and how to order.

Departments have the option to purchase Costco Memberships for use in stores and online. For more information on the program and how to purchase, view the OSU Department Membership Guide.

OSU has access to all current State of Oregon Price Agreements/Contracts. Most of these Price Agreements/Contracts allow you to purchase products without going through a competitive process. Check the applicable Price Agreement/Contract for specific details on participation requirements and to review pricing to ensure you are getting the best value.


Orders over $5,000 require a Purchase Order.


To participate you must:

  • Reference the applicable Price Agreement/Contract number you are using on the PO as a reference to the vendor.
  • Follow any specific instructions or requirements to participate in the Price Agreement/Contract for other agency use.
  • For Vehicle Price Agreements/Contracts use, submit a completed Documentation of Competition form (found on the Procurement Faculty and Staff webpage under Forms, Purchasing Forms, and Competition & Sole Source Forms).


  • VIEW active State of Oregon contracts.

A login is not required for browsing contracts and viewing basic information and associated documentation. You may also search the active contracts by typing keyword(s) in the search bar and selecting "Blankets" from the options. To access more information about a contract, including buyer's guides and pricing agreements, select the "Contract/Blanket #." If you need further information or assistance, contact

OSU partners with several supplies to provide various travel services. Please visit Travel and Expense for more information about the travel partners, travel policies, and for assistance.