OSU has multiple contracting offices. Each contracting office has different areas of expertise and authority. If you are unsure of which office should handle your contract, contact the office that you believe would handle your contract and that office can assist you in having your contract directed to the most appropriate contracting office.

Construction Contract Administration
CCA is responsible for contracts related to construction services including major & minor construction, renovation, reconstruction, and repairs; architectural,  engineering, and related consulting services; on-campus moving services; asbestos, lead paint and other abatement; and other work that requires attachment to building structures and systems.

Contract Services
Contract Services develops and approves OSU contracts for business transactions, which typically include non-research, revenue-in or revenue neutral transactions.

Office of Commercialization and Corporate Development
OCCD is responsible for contracts related to privately sponsored research, research development and commercialization of University intellectual property, and is responsible for licenses for use of University intellectual property, confidentiality and material transfer agreements.

Office of Sponsored Programs
OSP is responsible for grants and grant contracts from federal and state entities, other universities, other states, non-profits, foreign universities and foreign governments for sponsored research, scholarship, instructional and other activities, and contractual compliance as it relates to sponsored activities. 

Procurement handles contracts for OSU’s purchase of goods or services.

Real Estate and Space Management
RESP facilitates the sale, acquisition and lease of University property and manages the drafting and legal processing of real property related documents including: leases and rental agreements; property acquisitions and dispositions; use agreements; property line adjustments; property use licenses; and easements.

University Advancement
UA is responsible for licenses to outside entities for the use of the University’s brand, name, logo and merchandise.