Personal and Professional Services are services from an individual or firm with specialized skills, knowledge and resources not available within a department. Be aware that this excludes construction related services - these types of services must utilize the construction contracting process. For information on that process, please contact Construction Contracts Administration.

Although personal services contractors are hired for their specialized skills and knowledge, in some cases competition is required, as noted on our How Do I Start? page.

Signatures: Before submitting your final PSC to Procurement for review and approval, the signatures of the Department Head and Contractor must be obtained first.  Procurement will provide the final signature.

Sole Source Procurements and Contracts: If the Personal and Professional Services Contract is $25,000 or more and only one contractor holds the set of skills or expertise to do the work, review the Sole Source Procurements and Contracts information and submit the Sole Source Request Form along with the Personal and Professional Services Contract to Procurement.

The Personal Services forms are found on the Procurement Faculty and Staff webpage under Forms and then Purchasing Forms.