“I have been looking at the Buy Orange computer systems and I can get a cheaper price on the home computer class models than I can on the business class models. Why should I opt for the business class one instead?”

Better hardware: The quality of parts and overall construction of the business class machines is normally superior to that of the cheaper consumer class offerings. This includes higher speed hard drives, longer life batteries, better motherboard components, more efficient power supplies, and better overall construction. Because of this the machines tend to be more reliable and stay usable longer, making them a better value for the money. Additionally, this standardization of hardware allows IT support staff to build and configure the machines faster because they do not have to spend as much time searching for the drivers and applications needed to get the machine ready for use. This also means that if something does go wrong with one of these machines IT staff are able to troubleshoot and repair them quicker. These things together allow us to keep downtime to a minimum and extend the lifetime of the computer out to 3-5 years.

Better warranty: Many consumer class laptops come with a standard one year warranty. If a part in or on the laptop fails after the warranty coverage has expired it can be very expensive (often more than the difference in initial savings) to get a replacement part and have it installed. It is also typical for the standard warranties to exclude accidental damage. If you accidently drop or spill coffee onto your laptop the basic warranty will often not cover the repair cost or cost of parts. This is the reason we recommend the additional accidental damage coverage as well as the basic parts and service warranty and why Buy Orange products have a 4 year warranty.