Procurement will work with you to issue an Invitation To Bid (ITB) for procurements that are complex or are $150,000 or over.

An ITB is issued for procurements that are either:

1. A dollar level which the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) requires a formal bid (anything $150,000 or over),

     - OR -

2. Complex enough by nature to require significant terms and conditions or specifications which would preclude the use of a simple RFQ.

ITBs require more time in preparation and administration, and have mandatory advertising requirements. When evaluating responses to ITBs, the award always goes to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. Unless a low bidder is rejected for not complying with the requirements of the ITB, award must be to the low bidder; therefore, it is important to develop comprehensive specifications and requirements before going out to bid.

Contact Procurement early, as developing an ITB can be time consuming. We will work closely with you to ensure we have adequate specifications and other pertinent information. This will help us in helping you meet your procurement goals.