OSU Departments have a delegated authority for procurements of goods and services up to $5,000. This means for orders which total less than $5,000, departments may get quotes and place the order.

The delegation of purchase authority does not mean you should not compete the purchase. Our recommendation is that procurements should be competed whenever feasible. An attempt should be made to get at least three quotes for your purchases. This will help realize savings on your purchases.

Multiple contracts, procurements or requisitions cannot be issued separately in order to circumvent procurement or legal sufficiency rules. Splitting orders is called "fragmenting." Fragmenting is specifically against OSU policy and Oregon Administrative Rules.

When purchasing within your delegated authority, there are several processes we recommend you use:

  1. State of Oregon or OSU Price Agreements
    Your department can issue a PO directly to a vendor who is on State of Oregon or OSU Price Agreements. You must indicate the applicable Price Agreement/Contract number you are using on the PO as reference to the vendor. Information regarding State of Oregon Price Agreements is available from the ORPIN system. For information regarding OSU Price Agreements contact Procurement or go to the Buy ORANGE Portal.

  2. Request for Quotes (RFQ)
    RFQs are the simplest method of competition. RFQs can be made by phone, fax, mail or email. When issuing an RFQ be sure all potential vendors are given the same requirements and specifications with which to prepare a quote. RFQs are used when purchasing a common item which can be easily identified. When issuing an RFQ, the lowest quote must receive the award unless you have specific reasons to reject it (e.g., they did not quote on the identical product you requested or they cannot meet your delivery requirements that were required in the solicitation document.)

  3. Direct Purchase
    A direct purchase (non-competitive) can be made when it has been determined that it is not feasible or appropriate to compete the procurement. For example, it is not practical to get competitive quotes for a box of pencils or other simple, inexpensive products. There are two methods for making direct purchases:

    • Purchasing Card - This is the simplest, most efficient method. The order is placed by giving the vendor your Purchasing Card (Departmental VISA) number. This affords the vendor immediate payment and simplifies the Accounts Payable process. There are thorough instructions regarding how to utilize your purchasing card on the OSU Purchasing Card web page or you can contact Accounts Payable at 737-0650, if you have any questions about a Purchasing Card.

    • Purchase Order - A Department can issue a Department Purchase Order or a Banner FIS Purchase Order to send to the vendor at which point they will normally send the item or provide the service.