One of the biggest challenges is justifying Sole Source Procurements. The challenge is based on a common misunderstanding of the correct use of sole source procurements. KEEP IN MIND SOLE SOURCE PROCUREMENTS CANNOT BE USED TO AVOID COMPETITION.

Sole Source procurements above $25,000 are only allowed when it can be thoroughly documented that the Vendor holds a unique (no other sources have it) set of skills or expertise that make it impossible for anyone else to do the Work or that the goods are not available from another source.

For purchases and Contracts above $25,000, complete and submit a Sole Source Request Form to Procurement. We will review and determine if it is a valid sole source.

A compelling sole source request makes a clear and convincing link between the program requirements and why the sole source is the only vendor or contractor capable of meeting those requirements. Simple statements regarding "compatibility" or other ambiguous reasoning may result in increased time to approve a sole source request. It may also result in converting the sole source to a competitive solicitation process.

Be prepared to answer questions from the Procurement team when you submit a sole source request. We are here to protect OSU from negative audit reports and litigation if another company demonstrates that they could provide the same equipment or service for a lower price. Sole source procurements or contracts will be avoided except when no reasonably available alternative source exists.