OSU has access to all of the Price Agreements that the State of Oregon has issued. You must indicate the applicable Price Agreement/Contract number you are using on the PO as reference to the vendor and follow any specific instructions contained in the Price Agreement for other agency use.

View the full listing of available State of Oregon contracts (run date 9/14/18)

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Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN)

(Please contact Procurement and Contract Services if you need log in information.)

Price Agreements placed by either the State of Oregon or OSU Procurement allow you to purchase products without going through a competitive process. Orders over $5,000 are still required to be processed through your Business Center and purchases $25,000 and higher are required to be processed by Procurement, but there is no requirement for a competitive solicitation.

While there is no requirement for a competitive solicitation when using a State of Oregon Contract, please review the pricing to ensure you are getting optimal value.