Payroll Policy and Procedure Manual
Section 400: Payment of Unclassified Employees
Effective: 01/01/2001
Revised: 12/30/2014

  • 407 Sabbatical
  • 407-01 Payment Process
  • 407-02 Leave and Labor Distribution Forms
  • 407-03 Pay Methods
  • 407-04 Social Security Exemption
  • 407-05 Accounting for Labor Charges 

407 Sabbatical

Sabbaticals are intended to assist the University in improvement of its instruction, research, and service missions. Application forms may be obtained from Employee Records & Information, Office of Human Resources. The Sabbatical Leave Policy and Procedures are located on the Human Resources website.

Authorized employees may travel while on sabbatical leave for official university business.  Reimbursement for expenses incurred during sabbatical or other types of leave are warranted only in exceptional circumstances.  These costs must be pre-approved by the department head before the leave is taken.  A Travel Reimbursement Request form will be used to request a reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses. 

407-01 Payment Process

Please complete the Sabbatical Information and Labor Distribution sections of the Leave form with the assistance of your Business Center.


407-02 Leave and Labor Distribution Forms

The Leave form is used both to put the primary position/suffix on leave-without-pay status and to establish pay on the position using a sabbatical suffix.

The Labor Distribution Form is used to report changes to prior, current, or future distributions. To obtain this form, log onto OSCAR, click on "Payroll Changes" and then scroll to "Job Labor Distribution Change".

Labor Distribution forms are handled within the Business Centers.  If the labor distribution crosses a fiscal year and involves grants, it should be forwarded directly to the Office of Sponsored Research and Award Administration (OSRAA) for approval.


407-03 Pay Methods

Default Pay is used for all monthly stipend payments. Pay is issued for the period from the first of the month through the end of the month.


407-04 Social Security Exemption

All employees are subject to Social Security and Medicare withholding unless they qualify for a non-resident alien exemption.


407-05 Accounting for Labor Charges

Labor is charged to specific indexes and account codes.  Use of activity codes is the choice of the unit. The index must be open through the last day of the month in which payment is issued to the employee and the index must be owned by the employing unit.

Refer to Unclassified/Faculty Earn Codes for account code information.


Additional Information

See PAY-Ex1: Unclassified Appointment Information Matrix.