Payroll Policy and Procedure Manual
Section 600: Special Payment Situations
Effective: 01/01/2001
Revised: 12/27/2011


Employees who are not scheduled to work on the regular payday may receive their paychecks one day prior to the regular payday, if in fact there is a check for them.   This service is redundant to direct depositors.

601-01  Requirements

  • Contact the Central Payroll Office a minimum of two days before payday to arrange for an early release.  A Request for Early Release of Payroll Check form will be prepared and approved or disapproved by Payroll.
  • The day before payday, the employee must come to the Payroll window if the request has been approved.  The employee must sign the form at the payroll window before receiving the check either:
    • at the payroll window, if the employee has the payroll window delivery, or
    • if the employee does not have the payroll window delivery, the employee must take the approved request form to Printing & Mailing Services to pick up the check.
  • The check must be picked up before noon; otherwise it may be unavailable for early release.
  • Despite the early release to the employee, the check cannot be cashed or deposited to his/her bank account until payday. 
  • Early Release forms are completed only by Central Payroll.