Payroll Policy and Procedure Manual
Section 600: Special Payment Situations
Effective: 01/01/2001
Revised: 12/30/2014

If paperwork is not processed in a manner timely enough to permit payment when due, late pay will be processed as follows:

603-01  Base Pay

  • Default Pay: Base pay (including stipends) for the following E-classes is paid as default (forecast) pay: CA, CB, UA, UB, UC, UD, UE, UF, UG, UH, UV, UX, UY, XB, XA (monthly).  When paperwork is received for these employees, payroll staff will process any prior month's pay from the job forms.  Do not enter prior month’s salary in PYAHOUR.
  • Hourly Base Pay: Pay for the following E-classes is hourly: CD, CE, UT, UW, TS, and XA (hourly). When paperwork is late for these employees, it should be accompanied by a Request for Employee Payment to process their base pay. The Request for Employee Payment is located on the Oregon State Central Administrative Resource (OSCAR) website. 

603-02  Other Late Pay

Late pays for overtime, shift differential, etc. should be entered on the next regular pay run (PYAHOUR).

603-03  Processing Late Pay

Late pays are processed as part of weekly manual runs.  Manual checks are processed and available:

  • each Tuesday and Friday,
  • on payday, and
  • on the first working day after payday

Manual runs only generate checks, so a direct depositors will receive a check whenever paid via a manual run. Business Center personnel will be notified when manual checks are ready for pickup at Central Payroll. Only authorized payroll personnel can pick up manual checks. Employees may not pick up manual checks themselves at the payroll window. When the authorized payroll personnel pick up the manual checks, they will sign for the receipt of the checks. Manual checks are not sent via campus mail or the U.S. mail.

603-04  Request For Employee Pay

  • Complete an Employee Pay Request on OSCAR and submit it directly to Payroll Office to request payment due for periods earlier than the last month or other situations approved by Central Payroll.
  • Checks are processed on the same schedule as processing late pay.