Date Policy Summary of Change
8/31/2007 PAY 004
Swapped questions/answers for 6 and 7 for Department FAQ. Updated answer for question 6.

Updated verbiage in Answer for Question 23 in Department. Added more information about completing the Labor Distribution Form in OSCAR.

Updated link to Work Certificate Study in Answer 29 for Department FAQ.

PAY 501
Classified Pay
Removed Coefficient Table and added pdf version.
PAY 902
Removed the word "Operations" from Payroll Operations Manager.
PAY 001
Updated link to Payroll Office Personnel and Payroll Office website.
PAY 403
Summer Session Appointment
PAY 404
Summer Academic Pay
PAY 002
Changed verbiage and link to A Planning Guide for Summer Appointments to Summer Appointment Guide.
PAY 401
Unclassified Appointment
Updated link to Academic Appointment Guidelines.
PAY 300
Payment of Graduate Student Employees
Took out Summer Session Instructor column from Graduate Assistant - Summer Employment Types chart.
PAY 301-01
Payment Process
Updated OSCAR link and directions in the Payment Process.
PAY 301-02a
Job Form
Updated OSCAR link and directions in the Job Form section.
PAY 301-02b
Labor Distribution Form
Updated OSCAR link and directions in the Labor Distribution Form section.
PAY 301-03b
Updated terms on Unit Pay. Graduate Salary Adjustment changed to $250.00 and is administered by Payroll Office.
Entire Manual Updated link for Payroll Calendar, OSCAR, and InfOSU.
PAY 102
Pay Delivery Options
Removed acronym for Pay Delivery Authorization. Clarified location of Downloadable forms. Updated OSCAR link. Added information regarding statement viewing via Employee On-line Services (added link to Employee On-line Services.
PAY 701-02
Underpayment/No Payments
Updated link for Payroll Office Personnel.
PAY 802-02
Social Security and Medicare Tax
Updated link to Social Security Website.