PCMM is a unit within the Senior Associate Vice President of Administration's division, which reports up to the Division of Finance and Administration. We support the University's mission by providing effective management of OSU’s resources. Whether it’s purchasing a system that’s vital to an academic unit’s success, solidifying meaningful collaborative efforts through a contract, leading the way towards zero waste and effective sustainability or finding a home for a unique piece of equipment, the PCMM staff are dedicated stewards who are committed to effectively managing OSU’s resources.

Well Done Lynn Tseng!

We are delighted to announce that Lynn Tseng has been awarded the 2024 DFA Outstanding Student Award at the Division of Finance and Administration’s Meeting and Awards Luncheon held on May 14, 2024. 

Since joining PCMM in March 2023, Lynn has consistently exemplified a proactive approach, coupled with a positive attitude. Her enthusiasm, professionalism, and welcoming demeanor have served her well, especially as she successfully completed numerous tasks, projects and overall support for the department over the past year.

Congratulations to Lynn on this well-deserved recognition!

Mike Green and Lynn Tseng


Please refer to these FAQs for managing COVID-19 related changes or cancellations in your contracts. 

FAQs for COVID-19 Procurement & Contract Changes or Cancellations

Be Aware of Fraudulent Quote Requests and Orders Using Procurement Contact Information

Vendors and OSU staff should be aware that vendors continue to report that they are receiving requests for quotes or orders using OSU contact information and in fact, this activity has increased significantly. If you are unaware of the scam, vendors receive requests for quotes or purchase orders for goods where the name and billing address information is accurate but the email, phone number, and fax number are fake. The shipping address is always a non-OSU address, oftentimes identified as a “research” address.

If any companies receive requests for quotes, credit line establishment, or purchases from any names shown in this sample fraudulent orderDO NOT PLACE THE ORDER. If you are uncertain if the order is from PaCS, please contact us at Contact Us as soon as possible.

We highly encourage vendors who are victims of these scams to go to the FBI website at www.ic3.gov to report the scam online.


Campus Recycling’s sponsored student club, the Waste Watchers, sponsors once-per-quarter Repair Fairs, at which volunteers help attendees fix their broken items and D.I.Y. demonstrations are offered on a variety of topics. The event helps the community save money, gain skills, and reduce waste. Learn more on their website.

Repair Fair

To encourage sustainability and reduce department expenses, Surplus Property has a free office supply program that allows OSU departments to acquire office supplies and housewares priced at $5 or less for free, with a limit of $20 per visit. Delivery of these items are still subject to a fee. Learn more on their website.

Office Supplies

In response to OSU’s waste hauler, Republic Services, changing their acceptance policy of materials collected for composting, Campus Recycling has updated campus compost guidelines, effective September 1, 2019. These changes are not only due to complications with serving ware properly degrading at the Pacific Region Compost Facility, but also the environmental and economic sustainability of the products themselves. This is part of a larger movement across Oregon to move away from composting service ware.