The PPMO oversees the Division of Finance and Administration’s portfolio of division-wide and university-wide projects. Each portfolio is a set of interrelated projects that work together to advance the DFA's strategic priorities. Projects and overall portfolios are managed by the PPMO to align with division-wide principles, key performance indicators (KPIs) and industry best practices. 

Current DFA Project Portfolio

The DFA Framework for Success is a comprehensive approach to supporting informed and transparent decision-making across the Division of Finance and Administration for the benefit of the university.

Beaver Works, also known as the Business Operations project, is a set of projects designed to address a broad range of business policy and process improvements and increase DFA units’ effectiveness and efficiency.

The PPMO is offering project management support to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) as the university designs its public safety program to include Corvallis campus law enforcement. In October 2019, OSU's president convened the Public Safety Advisory Committee to make recommendations. DPS leadership and staff are engaging the community to envision a program that addresses OSU’s short- and long-term safety needs while serving the university community’s values and principles, emphasizing training, oversight and accountability.

As called for in OSU's SP4.0 strategic actions, University Human Resources is coordinating with Faculty Affairs and the Office of Institutional Diversity to build a systematic and strategic approach to attracting, retaining and developing talented faculty and staff for OSU. The PPMO is supporting this effort, which also seeks to improve employee engagement and contribute to OSU’s vision of building a more inclusive university. 

Using a combination of technological tools and process efficiencies, the Benny Hire project is streamlining the hiring process for hourly student employees and graduate assistant appointments. Benny Hire is decreasing the number of steps in the hiring process, creating a more transparent hiring process for departments and reducing  the number of people involved in the overall hire.

Completed PPMO Projects

The project to develop risk assessment tools and DFA risk appetite statements emerged from the Beaver Works business operations project, when it became apparent that we needed better alignment between the day-to-day business decisions OSU employees make the amount of risk the university is comfortable with taking. Being unwilling to accept any risks can be just as detrimental to an institution’s success as taking on too much risk. These tools help OSU employees find the balance.

OSU hires and processes approximately 8,330 student appointments and 2,529 graduate student appointments each year. These solutions provide efficiencies, transparency and consistent process for hiring hourly student employees and graduate assistants.Both solutions address and improve the following:

  • Improves the time from notice of the need to hire a student employee to integrating the new student employee into the workplace, including new hire paperwork and orientation
  • Provides a consistent process across colleges, units, and programs where the number of individuals involved in the process has been streamlined
  • Automates manual processes, improving error rates in graduate assistant offer letters and appointment setup
  • Reduces the amount of steps in the process


For additional information on the Benny Hire solutions, please visit the project website: