The PPMO oversees the Division of Finance and Administration’s portfolio of division-wide and university-wide projects and provides project management services to the division. It offers a consistent approach, tools, and project management training to DFA units. The PPMO helps to ensure that individual projects offer an appropriate return on the investment of OSU resources by tracking progress and outcomes, providing key expertise and resources to support projects through completion.

We provide comprehensive services to the DFA

  • The Division of Finance and Administration PPMO prioritizes projects and requests to maintain alignment with division-wide principles, key performance indicators (KPIs) and the DFA's strategic framework.
  • We develop short- and long-range roadmaps for DFA-wide projects to ensure proper resource capacity, allocation and accountability.
  • We ensure projects' return on investment (ROI) are regularly assessed and reported. 
  • We collect, track and assess program and project data to provide information that supports OSU's SP4.0, the DFA principles, KPIs and relevant metrics.

We're working to add value to DFA projects

The PPMO is developing and implementing tools and services that support and add value to DFA projects. 



  • Provide a consistent approach and effective tools for project management that align with industry best practices, including planning, progress tracking, communication plans, costs, timelines and deliverables.
  • Align OSU’s community of practice with professional project management standards.
  • Help project managers develop strong qualifications and skills.



  • Coordinate activities across the division to prevent overlapping projects and duplicated efforts.
  • Strive for comprehensive processes, such as risk management scope management.
  • Provide a support framework that promotes leadership support and stakeholder participation for projects.



  • Promote the development of business cases and clear charters to ensure we prioritize projects that support SP4.0 and the DFA Framework for Success.
  • Train on and enhance project management processes, procedures and standards in alignment with industry best practices.
  • Monitor progress and prevent project scope creep.
  • Achieve motivation to tackle intransigent issues through a high project success rate.